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An Essay on a Global Infectious Disease



Let us be honest with ourselves and confess that being numbered amongst the notables featured in Wikipedia is desirable and uplifting. This has nothing to do with self-importance or self-aggrandizement. Wikipedia allows the whole wide world to know about one’s scholarly and literary work. Only those who are not fortunate to be considered notable enough to be included in Wikipedia would deny this and be resentful.

Wikipedia is a valuable tool. At the click of a finger I am able to get information about, say, Spinoza, the great Jewish philosopher, who was excommunicated by the Sephardi Jewish community in Holland. Aside from valuable information about his life and his philosophical work, I am also treated to a picture of him. I mention Spinoza for the simple reason his name has just crossed my mind. We shall soon see, however, that my mind was subconsciously working in the right direction.

Like Lord Byron, the great poet of the Romantic Era, I woke up one morning and found myself famous. By sheer chance, I found out in 2008 I was of notable quality, worthy of inclusion in Wikipedia. For this engine of information is instantly accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at least gives some basic information about a topic which can be double-checked elsewhere.

I had no idea at all who made the decision to create a page for me. Naturally, I supposed a committee of educated, enlightened persons, took stock of my impressive credentials, debated my education, my self-less lifelong research in Hebrew/Aramaic/ Semitic studies, and my literary output as well, and found me entitled to Notability.

Ah, I exclaimed, Recognition, at last!

I was very much delighted. Who wouldn’t?

Almost two years passed by and I slowly and religiously enlarged the humble beginnings of the allotted page. Watered it like a pot of precious flowers. I have also used Wikipedia far and wide for information on various topics. But soon it became clear to me that anything to do with politics, and the like, was liable to be terribly biased – in a sophisticated, clever, clandestine manner. This appeared to be especially in the case of Palestinians and Israelis, of Judaism, Zionism, and anti Zionism, and of Iraqi Jews – to mention a few topics of which I am personally and closely familiar. I knew, for instance, that Iraqi Jews – and I am one myself – were not persecuted in Iraq. Iraqi Jews -- as a minority -- were lawyers, doctors, financiers, merchants, and members of the government, prostitutes as well as destitute people. There may have been some discrimination now and then, especially following the creation of the Zionist State, but never persecution. The reality of life is that no minority in the world is immune from some discrimination (and that includes Iraqi Jews living in the Zionist State).

Babylonian Jews – and I myself, too -- pride ourselves on coming from the most ancient Jewish community in the world, the descendants of the Babylonian Exiles, deported by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C.E. But most of us have become oblivious to our ethical and religious responsibilities. Some have been easily manipulated by Communist propaganda; most of us were a plaything in the hands of secular, godless Ashkenazi/East European Zionist agents. Many Iraqi Jews have been infected by, and have succumbed to, the virus of Zionist disinformation, equating Fascist Nationalism with the Jewish Faith.

Jews who were imprisoned or executed in Iraq were accused of promoting Communism or were active Zionist agents or spies (in 1940’s both Communism and Zionism gained some following among some Iraqi Jewish youth).The much talked about Farhood was an episode of two days in June 1941 in which pro-Nazi gangs roamed the streets of Baghdad and sought to kill Jews and plunder their homes (with one estimate of 180 persons killed and others injured). To put things in proper perspective: there was World War II and some Iraqi Muslims sympathized with the Nazis and their agenda. But compared with massacres and ethnic cleansing among various nations, this tragedy of the Farhood was a tiny incident. Compared to Israeli/Zionist atrocities and war crimes at Deir Yassin and Kafr Qasim in Palestine; at Sabra and Shatilla, in South Lebanon where 700 Palestinian old men, women, and children refugees were slaughtered by pro-Israel Christian factions; the killing of some 1400 Gaza civilians (many of them children) and the massive destruction of homes and hospitals in Gaza; and the recent onslaught on a peace flotilla when Israeli commandoes – Zionist pirates -- attacked a peaceful ship in international waters and killed nine Turkish people, the Iraqi Jewish Farhood is a tiny footnote in the history of Global Barbarism and a mere iota compared to Israeli/Zionist Barbarism. Yet the Israeli-Zionists have deceptively magnified this episode of the Farhood to the point it has become a Giant Elephant.

Now when I recently consulted Wikipedia under ‘Iraqi Jews’ and read – to my disgust -- that Jews were ‘persecuted’ in Iraq and therefore they ‘fled’ the country and went to ‘Israel’, I knew that those people who put in these blatant falsehoods were wicked Agents of FascistZionism – paid or unpaid. Otherwise, they were brainwashed by the never-ending fanatic, relentless barrage of Zionist/Israeli, Ashkenazi virulent propaganda.

Since I have a Wikipedia account and can log in, I decided to edit (4th July) those two entries, the one on Iraqi Jews and the one on Anti-Zionism.

Here is what I myself added to the Wikipedia article on Iraqi Jews:

“Talk of ‘persecution’ of Iraqi Jews and the use of the word ‘fled’ are absolutely misleading, to say the least. This kind of language is usually used by Zionists – weather Sephardi or Ashkenazi – to whitewash the dispossession, persecution, and humiliation of the Palestinians. Thousands of Iraqi Jews remained of their own choice in Iraq and did not leave in 1951. They stayed in Iraq, enjoyed the fat of the land, made good fortunes, and years later (mostly in the 1970’s) decided to leave. Unfortunately, hatred of the Arabs is so rife and virulent to the point that Zionist myths and lies, often repeated over the years, have assumed the veneer of sacred truths.”

Within hours, if not minutes, my brief additions – and I did not delete anything of their articles – were obliterated. Within a further brief space of time, hours if not minutes, there was a notice on my own Wikipedia page that announced the imminent deletion of the page – and the reason given for the threat was that it had nothing to do with a book or article that I had written but that the person on the page [i.e. myself] was not important or notable enough for inclusion in Wikipedia. A couple of hours later, the entire page disappeared, with the notice still in place.

Now if this is not politically Zionist-motivated, what is it? If it’s not an attempt to silence people, what is it? It is claimed that I as a person was not worthy of an article in Wikipedia (to which I would not object), not that what I had added and was deleted by them was not true!

For about two years no one in Wikipedia noticed that I was not notable, even though I had edited some articles dealing with Semitic Epigraphy. I was not notable only when I put something that criticised and defied Israeli/Zionist lies! Does one need more proof that this is simply politically motivated and that Wikipedia is in the pay of Fascist Zionists, or that it has been infiltrated by these wicked people?

When I sent an email about all this, I received a message (and I am reproducing it almost verbatim) saying the deletions were not linked to my postings directly but that my own Wikipedia page was not appropriate anyway, and that this was discovered only now! A little later, I received an outrageous message in which I was literally barked at in print by a vicious, illiterate brute, accusing me of bias, and that what I wrote about Iraqi Jews was “both highly offensive and a minority viewpoint.” Clearly, the person who wrote this is a fanatic Fascist Zionist.

I chose not to write back.

The Wikipedia article on the flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to the besieged people in Gaza and the murder of nine innocent people on Mava Marmara ship by the armed Israeli commandos (who stormed them from helicopter gun-ships) deserves close examination. We see how the language is so framed throughout that nearly transforms the victim into attacker, and attacker into victim. This is the language used in George Orwell’s famous book, 1984, about totalitarian regimes. War is portrayed as peace, lies as truth, and so on. This Orwellian language is exploited by Fascist Zionists. Further, one will see – as of this writing – that the word ‘Edit’ does not exist! The conveyed meaning is that the article is the truth, and the whole truth, and don’t YOU tamper with it!

Another example of Orwellian language is when the article on Iraqi Jews says that the newcomers to the Zionist State were placed in ‘refugee camps’! The ma’abarot were actually ‘transit centres’ and the word comes from the Hebrew verb ‘abar (to pass). The hidden reason the Zionists use the words ‘refugee camps’ is to claim that there were Palestinian refugees and Jewish refugees and that no one has a claim on the other or, as one Zionist blog (called ‘Jewishrefugees) has put it, “there has been a population exchange”. Thus, not only that Iraqi Jews were devilishly manipulated by the evil Zionists and the ‘Jewish Agency’ but we – Iraqi Jews – are at present being devilishly and maliciously exploited by these East European political thugs and their followers.

The article on Iraqi Jews carries the Star of David image, typically exploiting a religious symbol to further Zionist-Fascist agenda. They also cite numerous external links and names of documentary films -- all propaganda tools. The whole article is so heavily biased so as to exonerate Zionist/Israeli agents regarding the bombings in Jewish neighbourhoods in Baghdad around 1950. Bernard Lewis, a hater of Arabs and Muslims, is profusely mentioned in the article on Anti-Semitism. Both the Iraqi Jews article and the one on Anti-Semitism appear to have been written by an Israeli Government Disinformation official – emulating Nazi and Fascist propaganda methods. By claiming to speak in the name of all Jews, worldwide, the Zionist State (an anti-Jewish entity) actually promotes Anti-Semitism, since gentiles tend to blame all Jews for the crimes of this rogue, bellicose, Philistine state.

Wikipedia agents conceal their true identity. They work behind masks. They appear to hide behind pseudo-names and numbers, looking for anyone who says anything good about Arabs and Muslims, anyone who contradicts Fascist-Zionist claims. Their relentless aim is to put Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians, in as bad a light as possible.

PURPOSE: to justify the dispossession, persecution, and humiliation of Palestinians – in short, to justify Israeli/Zionist war crimes. In the process, they make a mockery of the Jewish Faith and its sacred articles.

Already in the 1980’s Marion Woolfson, a British Jew, documented many facts in her book, Prophets in Babylon: Jews in the Arab World. And I myself wrote two newspaper articles in the (Johannesburg) Rand Daily in 1982, criticising the Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon and the massacre at Sabra and Shatilla. Both Ms. Woolfson and I myself received threats. Ms. Woolfson suffered also a physical attack.

In the Wikipedia article on Iraqi Jews, Marion Woolfson is mentioned once (her name wrongly spelled) along some other Jewish scholars who have denounced Zionism, but there is no mention of her book. Robert Wistrich wrote a review of her book which she criticised as ‘dishonest’. Here is one sentence from her letter published in The New Statesman in1980: “Dr. Wistrich’s dishonest review refers to the ‘myth’ of Zionist provocations in Arab countries without revealing that I provided a mass of documentary evidence (from Zionist sources) on this subject.”

Robert Wistrich – of Polish descent – is, in my opinion, an arch Anti-Semite by promoting Fascist-Zionism at the expense of the Jewish Faith/Judaism. He has engaged in this ugly business for decades. And the cruel irony is that he has been appointed the head of an institution researching Anti-Semitism!

My own recent book, Essays from Occupied Holy Land (2010) discusses issues relating to Iraqi Jews and the subversive, criminal activities of political Zionists, including the so-called ‘Jewish Agency’.

Finally, Wikipedia urges its readers to edit and improve articles. They say, ‘this article is too long and needs shortening’, or ‘this article needs more references’, and so forth. But all of this is laughable, deceptive talk. For if you contradict their wicked agenda and tell the truth, they are quick to delete you.

Global Political Zionism in its Fascist active form is alive and well. It is a virus ever on the look to infect any truthful statement made about the Middle East and its native, Semitic people -- be it Arabs or Jews.

Let us now return to Spinoza. This great philosopher -- to spite his Sephardi Jewish community which excommunicated him for his secular, philosophical views -- changed his name from Baruch, meaning ‘blessed’ in Hebrew, to Benedict (Latin for ‘blessed’). Benedict is typically a Catholic Christian name. Not that Spinoza converted to Christianity – not at all. He was a good Jew, steeped in the lore of the Hebrew Bible. He even wrote a grammar of Biblical Hebrew. But for excommunicating him, he fought back by changing his first name.

I know I am no Spinoza. Unlike him, I have no intention of changing my name. My name is still Victor. The Loser is Wikipedia for excommunicating me – and history will show that my editing of their false, deceptive articles was made in good spirit, with good intention and respect for the Truth. The Ultimate Loser is of course the educated Reader and the Researcher looking for reliable, balanced information. What he gets from Wikipedia, instead, is Zionist Disinformation.

As for me, I have for many years managed to live well with Anonymity.

Welcome back Anonymity, goodbye Notability!

22nd July, 2010

Copyright © 2010 by Victor Sasson

All Rights Reserved

Dr. Victor Sasson grew up in Baghdad. He is British-educated and holds degrees from the University of London and an American doctorate. He was Senior Lecturer in Semitic Languages at the University of South Africa, Member of the Society for Old Testament Study (U.K.), and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. A biblical scholar and specialist in Hebrew and Aramaic Epigraphy, he has also published four novels, a play, and poetry. His non-fiction book, Essays from Occupied Holy Land, has just been published.